About Us.

Key Taste Catering was founded in 2016 as a passion project that grew into so much more. Raised in Los Angeles, California our head chef & founder, Quino Santiago was always interested in the art of cuisine since a young age. A Self-taught Chef who has worked alongside many great mentors and chefs while serving recognizable clients through his past. His love for international food and new American dishes has highlighted most of his work on fusion cuisine. A modern take on fusing two different cultures into one tasteful form of art. Key Taste stands for so much more than catering, but a result of passion, hard work, & unique taste. Let us create a menu customized to your liking. 


We strongly believe that food is a key element for any event and that it should be treated personally. Chef Quino Santiago builds personal relationships with all our clients by making sure to create a perfect menu for each event. Key Taste believes that food is a form of expressive art; Each and every dish is beautifully plated with the utmost details. Each menu is rooted through seasonal ingredients and is constantly recreated. Our customized dishes will tell a story in representation of you. Our plate presentation is everything to us, let us show you our vision. 


It is our Personal Promise to fully invest ourselves in satisfying all your requests. Key Taste Catering holds over 6 years of hospitality experience. While we offer the finest hospitality and services; We are a family owned company that believes in being truly authentic to ourselves and our services. We commit to offering the most affordable options we can to follow your budget. 


Let us connect & inspire you with our vision, and make your next event unforgettable.